Vintage Starter New York Cubans “X” Baseball Jersey

07/03/2012 § Leave a comment

This team’s apparel has some interesting history. In 1899, the All Cubans became the first all-Hispanic team to travel to the United States and stage exhibition games, against established Negro league powerhouse teams. It’s a cool story, but it was the teams old X logo that made it so attractive in the early 90’s.

Spike Lee’s brand  40 Acres & A Mule was part of the first wave of urban clothing that hit the market and paved the way for the billion dollar urban fashion boom of the late 1990′s. In 1992 when the film “X” hit theaters, Spike Lee’s biopic of the late civil rights legend Malcolm X, he indirectly influenced many American’s fashion choices. Millions across the nation, copped an “X” baseball cap soon after viewing the film. Malcolm X themed clothing became a staple, it was an absolute part of 90’s pop culture. You had the choice of buying officially licensed merch from Spike’s brand 40 Acres or buy some kind of alternative like the jersey pictured above, many rocked a bootleg variation.

I used to have a very large collection of 40 acres And A Mule snapback hats but decided to give them to some friends a couple of years ago when they where opening up a vintage sportswear shop in Japan modeled after my old one in the Lower East Side. Here are some of the hats from that collection:


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