POLITO VEGA Zine By Cleofus Now Available

06/07/2012 § Leave a comment

Polito Vega is a collection of character illustrations by Cleofus inspired by Polo Ralph Lauren clothing. The zine includes 2 stickers-the Suicide Cobain sticker and the Timothy sticker plus the Timothy pin.

Above: Beavis & Lo-head wear 90’s RL teddy bear cashmere turtlenecks.

Cleofus runs the show at TIMOTHY HEMINGWAY, along with his friend and contributing-editor OSCAR 1992. You can purchase the “POLITO VEGA” zine from their site.

If you live in NYC, you might know Oscar Sanchez aka OSCAR 1992 as the co-founder and host of the famous 1992 parties

Cleofus would team up with Oscar to help lay-out some of the flyers for these legendary parties.

This “Hookie Jams” flyer is my favorite, w/ the weathered Giorgio Beverly Hills stripes in the background.

I’ve had the opportunity of being included in an illustration series of close friends on Cleofus‘ site:

Yep, that’s me holding up the orange shirt. Thnx LEO! (Cleofus)


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