DJ MURO “King Of Digging”

04/06/2012 § Leave a comment

Last week the legendary DJ Muro was in the US doing what he does best, digging for rare records and refreshing his arsenal of LP’s and 45’s that are shipped back to Japan after each tour. He also stopped by my studio for a quick evening session while he was in the city.

I’ve been supplying Muro with gear for the last five years. When we first met, I was the only dealer in NYC with a proper archive of relevant vintage sportswear. Naturally, he asked me to be a curator of dead-stock merchandise for his online web-shop.

Last year, Muro opened a brick & mortar business in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. He named it DIGOT, a word combo of DIGGING and DEPOT. Again, I had the privilege of stocking that outlet with my signature finds.

Muro continues to be a good friend and great client and rolls through every time he’s in NY.


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