Taz Arnold @ Community54 (NYC) Tonight 1.31.12

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A couple of years back Japanese power-brands Swagger & Phenomenon asked me to curate a collection of vintage apparel for their Flagship stores in Japan. They wanted a selection of streetwear that was reminiscent of early hip hop culture in New York City. They knew I was the go-to guy for 80’s & 90’s period pieces, partly because of my reputation for working closely with The Cool Kids, whom they were working with at the time.

Swagger Mag Vol.02 featured The Cool Kids and also had a spread illustration depicting the product I chose for the brand.

The magazine spread with the gear I got them:

Some pictures of the actual clothing featured in the illustration:

The Swagger crew has a soft spot for vintage Hip-Hop sportswear, especially Big-O the creative director of the brand.

Not many know, that Big-O was part of Japanese seminal Rap group Shakkazombie. Their debut was in 1994, perhaps that explains his nostalgic attachment to fashion of the 90’s.

Big-O poses for my camera back in 2009 with the vintage Bulls snapback I gave him. This picture was also taken the night I first met Taz Arnold.

 At the time, they had just completed the now famous collaboration with Taz Arnold known as the Ti$A x MCM x Phenomenon collection. Taz was also in NY promoting the project alongside Kanye West, whom was an active participant in the NYFW ’09 Fashion Week.
The Swagger crew was in NYC checking out all the shows as well. So one evening when we all had some time to clear our schedules we went to dinner & this is when we hatched up our plan to stock the SWG/Phenomenon stores with pieces from my collection.
I had a rare opportunity to hear what Taz had planned for the future of his Ti$a brand. He spoke about incorporating period clothing into his Ti$aVision world. Even though vintage sportswear was extremely  relevant to developing trends at the time, his stand alone Ti$A line was just starting to capture how so many kids are dressing today.

Taz had mentioned Stephen Sprouse that evening because of the now ubiquitous LV collaborations that were debuting that year. At the time I was really getting into the low brow collaboration Sprouse had created for Target back in ’02.
I told him it was eventually going to be a highly coveted collectible collection and there was still some opportunities to get it cheap. He was into hunting it down while he was in NY if I showed him where to look.

Ever since, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the bag filled with Target Sprouse items that he had at the HOOD BY AIR runway show that week.

We’ve kept in touch since then and if you’re in NYC tonight, you should check him out at Community 54.


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  • jesse says:

    That must have been an incredible experience.

    …wish I checked this 4 hours earlier for the event #SMH

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