Robyn SNL Performance in Calvin Klein corset belt

12/16/2011 § Leave a comment

Swedish Pop singer Robyn was the latest musical act to guest perform on Saturday Night Live here in New York. Her outfits are always on point and Saturday’s showcase was no exception.

MTV quickly picked up on who made her jacket and leggings but was stumped as to who created the crazy CK corset she wore, comprised entirely of assorted Calvin Klein boxer brief bands sewn together.

Calvin Klein (inc.) almost faced bankruptcy in 1992, but it was his cleverly marketed underwear known on the streeet as “Calvins” that saved his ass. Throughout the 1990’s the ubiquitous underwear was promoted with giant billboards showing images of then pop singer “Marky Mark” Wahlberg.

20 years after the near financial meltdown of CK, another Wahlberg adds their signature touch to the american brand.

The innovator of the CK underwear belt is Robyn’s Stockholm based stylist Maria “DECIDA” Wahlberg.

Decida describes her style as Ghetto Baroque.  “I’m one who uses clothing as codes for identity, knows the brand history, both the official one and the one of the streets” ” I see style as a reaction of the society it’s created in” she says.

I had the privilege of having her over for dinner a few years ago when she was visiting NYC. Great times were had and throughout the course of the evening our conversation had a 90’s focus. Naturally, I had a ton of gear to show her and she totally had an appreciation for the eclectic collection I rolled out.

Maria “Decida” Wahlberg in a color blocked Liz Claiborne nautical vest with gold-plated fireman clips from 1994.


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